Kevin Jon Davies has a long and illustrious career as a Hitchhiker fan and professional.

Michael Cule has appeared in many of the different manifestations of Hitchhiker's playing more characters than any other living actor.

Slartibartfast's Aircar had a short but illustrious career as a BBC prop and then a longer and less illustrious one as a tomato cloche and garage filler.

Also Appearing

Dr Emma is a physicist and science presenter who works for the Royal Institution Science in Schools programme, doing fun and exciting science shows for kids and grown ups which involve fabulous experiments and plenty of explosions!  She will be bringing along some of her favourite demonstrations to share with us at LL3 in a science show which promises to be the best bang since the big one....

Jonny Nexus started out writing humour pieces for pen-and-paper roleplaying games before moving into fiction with his ENnie-nominated, self-published novel of roleplaying gods, Game Night. He has since published a second novel, If Pigs Could Fly. Originally from London, he now works in IT, and is exiled by marriage to Lancashire.

Jonny will be reading at the Author Open Mic session. If you wish to be considered for this as well please send a message to the programme email listed on the Contacts page.

In the 1990s MJ Simpson was ZZ9 newsletter editor, then President, then honorary ‘Research Archivist’, as well as Deputy Editor of SFX. He wrote The Pocket Essential Hitchhiker’s Guide, Hitchhiker: A Biography of Douglas Adams and the new stuff in the third edition of Don’t Panic, and ran a website called Planet Magrathea. He gave up being a Hitchhiker expert in 2005 when Martin Freeman criticised his tie but rejoined ZZ9 two years ago. Simo was at both the previous Lazlar Lyricons and has forgotten more than you will ever know.