What's On

With the convention still some time away, we are already gathering programme ideas and working on ways to make LL3 the best Lazlar Lyricon yet.  The weekend will be full of Hichhiker's-related fun for fans of any/all forms of the Guide. Some will be directly related to Hitchhiker's, some will be tangentially related, and some will be stuff we think Hitchhiker's fans will enjoy.

Start and End Times

The convention programme will kick off at 6pm on Friday and run through to 4pm on Sunday.  There will be late night programming both Friday and Saturday nights, going on into the small hours of the morning, and the hotel have promised to keep the bar open as long as people are drinking.  There will also be a Dead Dog party on Sunday evening for anyone having so much fun that they don't want to leave….  

Teams: Mice vs Dolphins

As is traditional for the Lazlar Lyricons, members will be divided into two teams, in this case Mice vs Dolphins.  The teams will compete against each other over the course of the weekend to decide once and for all which is the most intelligent species on the planet.


For Everyone

Much of our programme will be suitable for all ages, in a parental-guidance sort of a way (children must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian), including:

  • “Hitchhiker’s and Me”
    A panel with our Guests of Honour, talking about their experiences with Hitchhiker's.
  • The TV series
    Kevin Jon Davies talks about the 1980's TV guide graphics and the making of Hitchhiker’s.
  • The Rainbow Stage Show 
    Kevin Jon Davies and Mike Cule discuss their experiences working on the Rainbow Stage Show.
  • Vogon Art Workshop
    Make the worst art in the universe, using random rubbish we brought along (and feel free to bring your own, too!).
  • Vogon Art Show
    Display your Vogon Art, and tell us all how great it is through the medium of another artform such as poetry or interpretive dance.
  • Pangalactic Gargle Blaster Workshop
    Sample the best drink in existence! (With both alcoholic and non alcoholic options.)
  • Hangover Cure Workshop (the morning after the Pangalactic Gargle Blaster Workshop)
    Try out traditional hangover cures to recover from sampling the best drink in existence....
  • The Tobes Late Night Panel Item
    The legendary Tobes interviews himself.
  • Vogaoke
    Karaoke, Vogon style....
  • Dr Hill's Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Lizard Making Workshop
    Make your own infra-pink lizard.
  • Dr Heidi's Gruesome Medical Talk
    Horrible things that can happen to you.
  • Towel Olympics
    Towel throwing, towel combat, towel folding, and other towel-based games.
  • Call my Bliff
    Call my Bluff meets the Meaning of Liff.
  • Mattress Racing
    Race a friendly, dim-witted, docile creature called Zem.
  • Wow-a-Waglet
    Bring along your 1980's technology, we'll show it to someone young and see what they make of it.
  • Live Action Knightmare
    Re-create the cult children's TV programme.
  • Dr Emma's Spectacular Science Show
    Emma brings along her favourite science demonstrations.
  • Discos
    Dance the night away to your favourite tunes.
  • Costume Competitions
    Fancy dress & cosplay.
  • Air Car Photos
    Slartibartfast's Air Car will be available for photo opportunities all weekend.
  • Live Action Hungry Hippoes
    Kids game recreated with skate boards and buckets.
  • Live Action Curling
    Recreated with skate boards
  • Gin & Tonic Tasting 
    Come and be cruel to a gin & tonic....
  • Crab Stomping
    Stomp on jewel-backed scuttling crabs for no apparent reason besides pure pleasure of stomping on something.
  • Restaurant at the End of the Universe Bakeoff
    Bring along your home-made delicacies.

For Kids

Much of our programme will be suitable for children to join in with, but we will also have some child-specific programme aimed at ages 10-15 (though children must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian), including:

  • Guitar Hero Competition
  • Towel Decorating

For Adults

We will have some adult-only programme which will occur post-watershed, or in a separate adult-only room, including:

  • Corset Wearing
  • Shibari Demonstration
  • Late Night Rocky Horror Singalong

DIY Programme

LL3 is also a chance to make your own fun and share it with like-minded fans, so if you have an idea for a programme item you would like to run, drop us a line!

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